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Chocolate And Coffee –Dessert Nirvana

Chocolate is an amazing discovery, that happened accidentally. But now it is popular in every part of the world. Today people try all kinds of recipes and combine itwith other exotic ingredients to create newvarieties of snacks. It is used in almost every kind of food, be it sweet or savoury, bitter or sour, desserts or ice-creams, pizzas and manyother kinds of food.When chocolate was first discovered it was used as a drink and was not sweet.

But even then the potent drink was known to havemany benefits to health and its taste was liked by everyone.So it was expected that when the two most fragrant and exoticingredients come together, it wouldbe an incredible creation. Itwas bound to be appreciatedby people. That is what happened when chocolate covered coffee beans were launched in the market. Boththesehave many healthadvantages.These chocolate encased coffee beans can be enjoyed in many ways; maybealong with a cup of coffee or as topping on a dessert.

You can just pop one in your mouth and enjoy the sweet and bitter tastes blendingtogether.But before you start popping them in your mouth, do remember that eating them in moderation is the key. Excess of anything is bad for health. In fact, if you eat them in moderation, they have many health benefits. Bothof these,contain anti-oxidants.These are called flavanolsand help the cells to protect against free radicals, thereby helping them stay healthy.

Today with increased stress and polluted environment our bodies are losing their immunity.We do not get the kind of exercise or natural food that our ancestors got. So it becomesmore important to incorporate foodsupplements in our food intake. Antioxidants are also part of a healthy diet.The flavanols are antioxidants which help us fight against diseases. Dark chocolate especiallyhelps to improve the blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol.Coffee also helps to reducerisk to heart diseases. As a great boon to diabetic patients, dark chocolate helps them to processsugar in a better way and coffee reduces the risk of diabetes.

But there are some risksassociated with their over-consumption. Sugar and caffeine in these treats mayincrease hypertension, fluctuate heartrate, increase palpitation due to more energy and so on.As each chocolate candyhas only onebean,so you will be getting a little amount ofcaffeinefrom each.But even then it is not too much comparedto a cup of coffee. So if you eat a few chocolate-covered beans, it will not harm you. Unless you gobble them up and eat a huge amount, it should be fine. One warning is that if you are allergic to any ingredient then you must be careful.Some people may be allergic to coffee,cocoa or milk solids which are the main ingredients of this delicacy. Pregnant women should take care of their healthwhile they eat these chocolate-coffee combinations.

They must limit their caffeine intake. But on the other hand,a small amount of these treats may fulfil the craving of that regular cup of coffee, that contains way more calories and caffeine.Most of us take caffeine in other forms aswell. Energy drinks, coffeeice cream, colas and of course our daily cupof coffee;thereis some amount of caffeinein all of these. More than a certain amount of its intake may lead to increased heart rate and may be insomnia and anxiety.


Too much of coffee and chocolate may also lead to some kidney problems.So eat chocolate-covered coffee beans and keep a track of other foods and beverages that you may consume that also contain caffeine. There are many flavours of thesechocolate covered coffee beans. With many players entering the field, there is a lot of competition. But most of themare very careful about the products they sell in the market. The taste may vary depending upon the kind of beans and its roasting method.

The entire process isgeared towards preserving the flavours and fragrance of the two main ingredients; coffee beans and chocolate. Many people like new flavoursand use white chocolate or milk chocolate. However,some still prefer the healthier version with dark chocolate. There are many varieties, with mint and raspberry and white chocolate. So enjoy the one you likebut in moderation.


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