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About Us

Our desserts, especially the chocolate and coffee ones, are really amazing. Theperfect combination created for connoisseurs. We use the freshest ingredients, the best quality ones. These coffee beans are handpicked from the finest coffee plantations. Then thebeans are slowlyroasted to retain their flavour and fragrance.The rich cocoaof the finest variety is then melted to the perfect temperature. The chocolate is creamy and smooth. Wecreate the perfect combination of smooth chocolate on the outside encasing the bitter exotic taste of the coffee beans.So you get the idealcombination of smooth melting chocolate and a crunchy centre.

Our idea is to give an explosion of flavours in your mouth. This touches all your senses and slowly melts. When the melody of sweet and bitter combination reaches your mind, you can forget all your worries and indulge yourself in pure ecstasy of taste.You can have them at any time of the day.We bring the coffee beans encased in chocolate in many flavours.All our flavours are popular and created with care.Some of theseare dark chocolate covered beans, white chocolate coveredbeans, coffee beans with mint chocolate and another beautiful flavour is raspberry and dark chocolate covered beans.We use Arabica beans and roast them in such a wayso asto give them a sweeter flavour Chocolate covered coffee beans .

All our coffee beans are roasted in our manufacturing unit under strict supervision. We have the ability to bring you the best quality chocolate covered beans.All our fantastic offerings come beautifully packaged and hygienically sealed. You can indulge your family and friends as these make the best possible tasty gifts for any age group. But,of course,if you do not want to share with anyone then nobody can blame you.These are so tasty that you can have them anytimeduring the day, all by yourself.


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